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Since 2001, the Martial Arts SuperShow has been the go-to event for martial arts school owners who wanted to take their business to the next level. The event was founded by the Martial Arts Industry Association and Century Martial Arts, the world’s leading martial arts equipment supplier.

Over its 18 years, the SuperShow has continued to grow and draw a wider and more diverse audience. The Show offers something for everyone, from the traditional dojo owner to the MMA coach; the gym with 10 students and the gym with 400. Backed by Century and MAIA, the SuperShow continues its goal of helping all school owners do what they do best: change lives through martial arts.


Want to see more of what the Martial Arts SuperShow is like? Get a picture with these recap videos of previous Shows – but remember, there’s nothing like a firsthand experience!

Official 2018 Martial Arts SuperShow Recap
Fumio Demura: 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner
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Martial Arts Super Show 2018 at Bellagio Las Vegas
What You Can Expect at the Martial Arts SuperShow! (2018)


Check out pictures from previous SuperShows!



Being chosen to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Martial Arts SuperShow is a high honor that has gone to some of the most prestigious martial artists of our time. Past winners have included Chuck Norris, Fumio Demura, Benny “The Jet” Urquidez and former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, among others.


For many attendees, one of the highlights on the first day of the Show is listening to the keynote speech. Keynote speakers at the SuperShow have ranged from military heroes to business moguls and philanthropists, and always add a unique perspective perfect for starting off the Show!


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