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1st Degree BJJ Black Belt, the co-owner of Gracie PAC MMA, and MAIA's digital marketing expert.


With the advent of social media, your business-to-consumer reach has never been greater. More and more people everyday get their information, news, and advertising via digital platforms. It can be tough to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of business, but one thing is certain: the future of the customers’ experience is digital.

Join Cris Rodriguez as you go on a journey through your customers’ shoes. You'll be trained on the six stages of the customer journey and the process Cris uses to move clients from awareness to purchase. Learn how to launch your very own Customer Acquisition Machine Machine and implement the Organic E.C.O. System so you can turbocharge your ads!


Martial arts school owner and former elementary school teacher.


Before becoming a full-time martial arts school owner, Kurt Klingenmeyer worked as an elementary school teacher for ten years. From that perspective, he learned about the needs of schools – for community support, anti-bullying programs, youth character development - and he realized that the martial arts are uniquely suited to help. In his seminar, you’ll learn how to grow a mutually beneficial relationship with local school districts and use it as a foot in the door to bring new students to your dojo.


6th degree TKD blackbelt; owner of CMA-Las Colinas; community engagement expert.


Developing relationships with the right people in your community is what makes or breaks local businesses. Knowing which key players can be connectors for you to other organizations is a skill that can be tough to learn, even for people who have spent years in any market. Through Nevels’s 3 steps, learn to engage with your local chamber of commerce and understand how to get the chamber to work for you. Learn how to tear down the wall that school districts put up. Engage your local city government and get an edge in events over your competition.


Multi-school owner; Founder and Owner of Kicks Karate.

Success isn't an accident. You need to do certain things correctly to achieve it. In this seminar, you'll learn the success tools that have helped John Bussard grow Kicks Karate, Inc. to 14 locations and 4,000+ members. By the end of this training, you'll know how cultivate a staff, develop systems, and promote leadership in your school.

Master Bussard has had great success, but he's also made plenty of mistakes along the way. He'll share some of these lessons he learned the hard way, so you don't have to suffer the same setbacks. Through stories and personal experiences, he'll provide you with ideas and a roadmap for multi-school growth and success.


Executive Director of Team Paul Mitchell Karate; President of Personal Best Karate

Have you ever wanted to have more positive impact in your community? Would you like to tie what happens inside your school to outside your four walls? This seminar is going give you the roadmap to do exactly that!

Master Rappold’s students have delivered 40,000 Thanksgiving baskets to families in need. His organization has been visited by 500 teachers, and it has provided over $1,000,000 of martial arts scholarships and $25,000 in good citizen scholarships to high school graduates going to college. He has made each of these activities experiential learning opportunities for his students.

Master Rappold is going to show you exactly how you can plug these campaigns and others like them into your school’s strategic vision. Not only will it make your community stronger, it will grow your school’s impact and legacy."


Owner of Moorpark Karate & Krav Maga; 7th degree black belt.

Are you having trouble extending your business’s reach? Community relationships and social media are two key factors that determine the success of your school. Jason Flame, owner of Moorpark Karate & Krav Maga in Moorpark, CA, is an active member of his community and has developed a program to gain that much needed recognition to grow his business.

During his seminar, you will learn to promote your program’s benefits to your local community through business to business networking. You will also learn how to use local business groups build your brand and increase referrals. Become the most recognized school in your community by giving back!


COO of Championship Martial Arts, Ltd and MAIA Edge; 5th degree black belt.

There used to be the expectation in our industry that the summer months would inevitably be a struggle for martial arts schools. Now, you can make summer a huge success with the Christmas in July Event! This isn't just a way to sell more retail. Michael Perri, COO of Championship Martial Arts and MAIA Edge, will teach you the step-by-step strategies to help make your July one of the BEST financial months of the year for your school. You will learn the process for bringing in tons of revenue and increasing leads for this time. By the end of this seminar, you will know how to drastically build momentum in time for back to school season.


Developer of SKILLZ and PreSKILLZ.

With the rise of streaming services, video games, outdoor activities, and other sports, it has never been tougher to keep a child's attention.

In this seminar, Melody Johnson, the developer of the SKILLZ and PreSKILLZ curriculum, will share insight into how children learn in the classroom and what makes them stay involved. Her experience creating the very first-of-its-kind childhood martial arts program (endorsed by some of the nation’s leading child psychologists) gives her the unique perspective for overcoming those challenges.

Learn how to see beyond the slow/fast learner dynamic, take your drills to the next level, and use science based cognitive behavior to wow parents with the benefits of your program.


Lead consultant for MAIA; co-owner of eight schools.

Are you tired of just making ends meet? Do you want to provide a career path for some of your black belts? Michael Metzger, MAIA’s lead consultant, will teach you simple effective business systems that can make an immediate impact on your bottom line in your business. We will teach you how to focus on what you love while at the same time having systems in place to generate more revenue.


Moving martial arts forward. 2020 is your year!





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