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2019 Martial Arts SuperShow Speakers

Rafael "Formiga" Barbosa

Robby Beard

Mike Chat

Bill Clark

Farid Dordar

Leadership Strategies to Build a Strong Team

Your staff is the core of your business and building a successful team depends on the quality of your leadership. Are you bringing out the leader in you to help your team perform optimally? In this session, Farid Dordar teaches you to apply leadership strategies for building a stronger, more effective team.

Mike Dillard

Advanced Timing, Punching, and Footwork

Mike Dillard is a 9th-degree Kang Duk Kwan black belt, and holds black belts in multiple other styles. A former international competitor and champion, he continues to train and teach. In this seminar, you’ll have the opportunity to learn high-level techniques directly from Master Dillard.

Damon Gilbert

Game-Changing Sparring Essentials

Damon Gilbert is the sparring coach for the legendary Team Paul Mitchell Karate, as well as a 14-time point fighting champion. In his seminar, you’ll learn techniques including broken rhythm, footwork, distance management, and how to avoid the “adrenaline dump.”

Nguyen Tom Griggs

Winning Without Fighting: Black Belt Guide to Conflict Resolution

Successful leadership requires the ability to guide your people and organizations through hard times. In this seminar, Dr. Nguyen Tom Griggs guides you through strategies for effectively managing conflict within your school — whether it's between parents, students, instructors, or any combination of these parties.

Kelly Murray Grys

The Lynchpin to Your Success: Building a Team that Works Like They Own the Place

You want your staff members to be as proud of your school as if they owned it – and you also want them to take that level of responsibility. In her seminar, Kelly Murray Grys shares the successful management strategies that she’s used to transform small businesses into multi-million dollar companies.

Don Gulla

John Hackleman

Hakim Isler

Naked Success: Six Secrets I Learned Surviving Naked on a Mountain

How do our basic, more primal instincts play into making business strategies? More than you might think. Hakim Isler has survived both on the rugged Himalayan mountains and in his martial arts business. In this seminar, Isler gives you principles based on both experiences that will help you analyze your own business and launch it to the next level.

Melody Johnson

Ernie Kirk

Kurt Klingenmeyer

Growing Your Martial Arts School: Turning Leads into Students

Not knowing how to convert leads into enrollments is one of the most frustrating things a school owner can experience. In his seminar, successful school owner Kurt Klingenmeyer breaks down, step-by-step, the system he uses to turn leads into enrollments – on their first visit!

Dave Kovar

Apolo Ladra

Bridging the Gap Between the Office and the Mat

How do you make your prospective students see the value of your classes without coming off as a salesman? That's what Apolo Ladra is going to teach you. In his seminar, Apolo is going to give you strategies that you can use to get people to join your program by showcasing the benefits, rather than asking for the hard sell.

G.K. Lee

Carlos Machado

Kinnick McDonald

Diving Into the Numbers: Learn How Data and Metrics Are Key To Growing Your School

Kinnick McDonald has gathered data on martial arts school owners from around the world, which will be discussed and dissected in this seminar. You’ll come away with insights on other schools’ size, profits, and business operations, as well as specific goals and metrics you can use to improve your own school.

Mike Metzger

Barry Van Over

10 Great New Ideas for Your School

In this seminar, Premier Martial Arts International President Barry Van Over teaches 10 great new ideas that you can implement in your own school, immediately, to improve management, income generation, marketing, retention and customer service.

Adam Parman

Creating Your Business Breakthrough

Stuck in a business rut? All business owners have been there. MAIA consultant and multi-school owner Adam Parman is here to help you make a breakthrough! In this seminar, you’ll learn the steps for clearing whatever plateau you’re on and exceeding your goals for 2019 – and years to come.

Tom Patire

MARTIAL OPS: When Seconds Count

Chris Rappold

Trust Me! A Progress-Based Sparring Program That Will Grow Your School

Are you making these retention-killing mistakes in your sparring program? You're not alone. In this seminar, Retention Based Sparring founder Chris Rappold gives you a way to present sparring to your students, including 15 must-have features, that will help you teach sparring and retain students.

Rick Rando

Creating Concrete Retention at Black Belt: A Culture Designed with Lifetime Staff Members in Mind

You want to help your students reach black belt level – but then they disappear when they do! School owner Master Rick Rando delivers simple, effective systems for retaining them, keeping them training with you longer, and even joining your staff!

Stephen Reinstein

Joao Gabriel Rocha

Cris Rodriguez

Digital Marketing 101: How to Use Facebook and Google to Grow Your Business

Cris Rodriguez has successfully used digital marketing to grow the school she co-owns and knows from experience what works. In her seminar, she explains how to use Facebook and Google advertising, breaks down key terms and vocabulary, and gives you the marketing tools you need to succeed in the world of digital advertising.

Robyn Silverman

What You Don’t Know about How Kids Learn Might Tank Your Business

Do you teach kids? Then you need to know how they learn and develop. In this seminar, Dr. Robyn Silverman reveals the latest research that school owners and instructors need to know when working with children. You will learn how to help kids problem-solve, recover from mental blocks and develop new skills in this one-of-a-kind training.

Harinder Singh

Michael Sirota

Support Your Community: How to Add a Special Needs Program and Grow Your School

Traditional sports often overlook special needs individuals; however, martial arts training can make a huge impact on their lives. Michael Sirota has pioneered teaching methods for special needs individuals and shows you how to benefit your community and school by tapping into this market.

Duane Spires

Secrets to a 6-figure Martial Arts Summer Camp

Learn how to start and grow a six-figure per year after-school program and summer camp. In this seminar from Martial Arts Success Team (MAST) co-owners Duane and Lauren Spires, you’ll get access to the hottest marketing ads, sales scripts, and operational systems that will take your school to the next level in 2019.

Lauren Spires

Secrets to a 6-figure Martial Arts Summer Camp

Learn how to start and grow a six-figure per year after-school program and summer camp. In this seminar from Martial Arts Success Team (MAST) co-owners Duane and Lauren Spires, you’ll get access to the hottest marketing ads, sales scripts, and operational systems that will take your school to the next level in 2019.

Bill Storm

Shane Tassoul

Eric the Trainer

Benny “the Jet” Urquidez

Ukidokan Kickboxing Techniques

Benny “The Jet” Urquidez developed his Ukidokan kickboxing system following a 30-year, undefeated career in full-contact kickboxing. Ukidokan is taught in multiple schools today, and Urquidez continues to teach. In this seminar, you will learn some of the essential Ukidokan techniques from the creator himself!

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