Investing in Yourself with the SuperShow

Oct 26, 2021

By: Frank Silverman, MAIA Executive Director

I’m often asked if I could invest in just one thing, what about it be...stocks, real estate, etc. and my answer is almost always the same- YOURSELF.

Most people think that investing has to be with putting money somewhere and getting a return. I would agree.

So, how about investing in your education or the education of your TEAM (staff).

The returns for knowledge far outweigh and outpace the return of buying a simple stock.

This is why MAIA and CENTURY have been hosting the SuperShow for 20 years.

If it costs you $1500 to fly, stay at and attend the show (which could be far less) all you need is one new member to pay that back over a year.

And if you get two or three new members or learn something that helps you retain your students better the return on your investment would be 100% or more.

The SuperShow is a must be at event for self-education and self-investment.

But look at all the events such as the Martial Arts Business Forum.

These, in addition to the actual show, can help you take your school to the next level.

What is the SuperShow?

Every year, hundreds of martial arts school owners and instructors travel to the SuperShow to further their education in all things martial arts.

  • 40+ breakout sessions with unique expert speakers on business, marketing, and martial arts training.
  • Over 1800 like-minded martial arts professionals committed to growing themselves and their businesses.
  • More than 70+ exhibitors and sponsors who offer products and services to help build the martial arts industry.

What will you gain from the SuperShow?

  • Strategies For Your Business
    Learn what’s new and what’s working from other business professionals and school owners.
  • New Drills and Skills for Your Instructor Toolbox
    Learn in areas you never even knew existed or advance your knowledge as a top instructor.
  • A Community You Can Connect With
    Learn from like-minded passionate school owners and create lifelong relationships. 

Who Should Attend The SuperShow?

The ones who will get the most out of the show are martial arts school owners and their instructors.

The SuperShow is for anyone, from any martial art. You can run a traditional dojo for kids and adults or a gym that caters to pro-MMA fighters or fitness professionals.

You can have 10 students or hundreds of students. The only thing that is required is a passion for martial arts and the desire to learn and grow.

What is included with a SuperShow ticket?

You will have access to four seminar rooms – two tracks dedicated to business, marketing and operations, one track dedicated to physical training, and the last track dedicated to instructor and combatives training.

You will also be invited to the tradeshow floor which houses over 70 exhibitors, featuring the latest innovations, digital services, software-based solutions, programs and services, consulting, and training equipment.

Finally, you will be able to attend the Opening Night party which includes our Lifetime Achievement Recipient presentation.


What other opportunities begin before the main show?

July 17th through the morning of July 18th, you will have many opportunities to attend our pre-conference events.

These are not included in the price of your show ticket. The pre-conference events are longer than the 60-minute seminars during the show and include more intense training workshops, certifications, and more.

Check out to see the latest updates on these events before they sell out.

Where is the SuperShow this year?

The show will be held at Caesars Forum.

This is a brand new venue that will open just a few months before our show. It’s located near numerous restaurants and entertainment in the center of the Las Vegas strip.

There will also be easy access to our host hotel, Harrah’s, with a short walk or via the new monorail system.

 So if you haven't already, book your tickets to the 2022 SuperShow. The investment will pay you back in spades. Get your tickets now.

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