An Update on the 2024 SuperShow

Dec 09, 2022

For the past 20+ years, we’ve poured our hearts into the Martial Arts SuperShow and delivering a great experience for SuperShow attendees.  Every year the Century and MAIA teams have put together the best trade event in the martial arts industry in some of the best venues such as Caesars, Bellagio, and the Venetian.  And the results have been astonishing as martial arts schools around the world have been transformed and in turn transformed the lives of their students.

To put on such an event requires a huge amount of time and resources from the moment one SuperShow ends to when the next one kicks off.  We know that to attend the SuperShow as thousands of school owners have over the years also requires a large commitment of time and money.  We have kept our ticket prices as low as possible knowing that travel, lodging, and meals for you and your staff members adds up!

As many of you have experienced in your own daily lives the cost of everything is through...

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4 Questions to Convert Trials into Students

Feb 16, 2022

By Shane Tassoul

With all the talk about paid trials these days, it’s easy to lose focus on what you’re actually trying to accomplish. Remember that you’re not in the business of selling paid trials. Paid trials do not pay your rent, your utilities, your payroll or any of your other bills. In fact, most paid trials that I see owners promoting end as either break-evens or loss-leaders.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m all in favor of paid trials. However, I see schools working hard to generate paid trials month after month, only to enroll very few of them as new students. The purpose of a paid trial is to get qualified prospects into your school and convert them into paying students. If they’re not converting, the trial was wasted. It’s important to have a system in place to convert your paid trials into enrolled students. It doesn’t matter what kind of trial you sell — two weeks for $19.95, four weeks for $49, six weeks for $69...

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Adapt or Die: 6 Ways to Put the KABOOM Back in Your Dojo

Feb 02, 2022

By Eric P. Fleishman


For many in the martial arts community, the COVID-19 pandemic not only has brought their businesses to a halt but also is threatening to break their spirits. The positive momentum you had built up likely has been interrupted. However, in times of crisis, the strong rise to the occasion, helping themselves and others through the momentary darkness. Isn’t that what being a martial artist is about — helping restore balance during times of chaos? It’s time to get off the couch, turn off those movies you’ve been watching and lead your students on the greatest journey. Here’s how to put the KABOOM back into your dojo...


1. Stay on Brand

Have you noticed that the colors you chose, the logo you created and the tagline you’ve used since you opened your school have started to feel a little tired and outdated? Why not take this opportunity to rebrand your dojo with fresh messaging? Brainstorm with friends and...

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Using A Traditional Art to Solve a Modern Problem Involving The Use of Force

Jan 27, 2022

By Terry L. Wilson

In August 2021, HBO’s Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel aired a segment titled “Force for Change.” The 20-minute-long portion of the monthly newsmagazine dealt with the search for a solution to the problem of excessive force being applied during arrest-and-control procedures.

HBO’s report eventually took viewers to an MMA cage to present an unlikely solution that could enable the police to get a better grip on the problem using a traditional art from Japan that came to America via Brazil: jiu-jitsu. As all martial artists know by now, the grappling system teaches unique methods for controlling an opponent using only the minimum amount of force.

The cameras wisely focused on Damon Gilbert, a 25-year veteran of the Oakland (California) Police Department. As an eighth degree black belt in kajukenbo and a certified Gracie Survival Tactics instructor, the Black Belt Hall of Famer was just the martial artist to provide analysis and commentary


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