Virtual SuperShow Preview: Here’s What You Should Know

Mar 31, 2021

Hello again.

Over the past few posts, I and my colleagues on the SuperShow crew have been working to build as much hype as possible for the Vegas Anniversary. And in those posts, you’ve also seen that hype shift. As progress with the vaccine delayed and the numbers stayed the same, we tried to work through it. But COVID wouldn’t budge, so eventually, we had to.

We didn’t want to. We know you didn’t either. Over a year of this, and it can get pretty tiresome. Trust me, no one wanted to do a live show more than we did. We know you were looking for that fun excuse to break this isolation and frustration. The perfect excuse to combine business and pleasure.

That’s because, like us, you are workers. You’re doers. You enjoy life by doing things. Taking your responsibilities and passions seriously and getting after it. You push yourself.

And here it comes again. Another opportunity to get out there has been taken from you. It sucks.


We won’t give up.

We are converting this year's show into a digital platform.

We are making it fun. Really fun. It won’t just be hours of online lectures, where you’re asleep at your computer by the end of it. It’s gonna be fast-paced. It’s gonna have breakpoint sessions for interaction and networking with your peers and the experts..

And It’s gonna be way more cost effective, so you can afford to have your entire team participate.

For only $29, here is what you and your whole team can expect:

  • For 4 hours a day for 3 days we are going to have speakers take you through their compact sessions geared toward getting back on your feet, post pandemic next steps, virtual instruction, and other important topics.

  • Daily Recaps! Endless ideas at your disposal with actionable takeaways. We will be taking 10-15 minutes daily to map out exactly how to take ideas and implement them for your business.

  • Live trivia and giveaways from sponsors presented by the much loved Hype Team!

  • Plus, access to all the speaker recordings after the show so you can rewatch as much as you need.

To top it off (ticket or no ticket!) there will be FREE physical live sessions on our Facebook leading up to the event with previous speakers, instructors, and your favorite martial arts pros.

We know it’s been tough, and we want to make this experience as fun and more importantly as beneficial for you as possible. We are right here with you. Keep up to date with more info as it develops @

Until then. Get after it and keep pushing.

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