Virtual SuperShow Preview: Here’s What You Should Know

Mar 31, 2021

Hello again.

Over the past few posts, I and my colleagues on the SuperShow crew have been working to build as much hype as possible for the Vegas Anniversary. And in those posts, you’ve also seen that hype shift. As progress with the vaccine delayed and the numbers stayed the same, we tried to work through it. But COVID wouldn’t budge, so eventually, we had to.

We didn’t want to. We know you didn’t either. Over a year of this, and it can get pretty tiresome. Trust me, no one wanted to do a live show more than we did. We know you were looking for that fun excuse to break this isolation and frustration. The perfect excuse to combine business and pleasure.

That’s because, like us, you are workers. You’re doers. You enjoy life by doing things. Taking your responsibilities and passions seriously and getting after it. You push yourself.

And here it comes again. Another opportunity to get out there has been taken from you. It sucks.



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Get the Most Out of Your SuperShow - an account of a first SuperShow experience

Jan 27, 2021

by Cris Rodriguez

February 2019.

Mike Metzger. Melody Johnson. Bill Clark. Shane Tassoul. Chuck Norris.

Those were the Speaker names that I read.

Those were the legends in our Industry that I would be sharing the stage with.

And man was I PUMPED!

Having the opportunity to share my love of Digital Marketing at the industry’s largest and most established conference gave me chills.  It was an absolute honor.

My mentor, Mike Metzger (who sometimes has more faith in me than I do) was the one that signed me up. And I was super nervous! This was going to be my VERY FIRST SuperShow…

And he had me speaking 4 times!

I knew the most important question I had to answer was… what suit jacket was I going to wear?! Kidding! ;)

What was most important to me was figuring out what I could present in 60 minutes that would help people get immediate results.  So many times you go to conferences, and the speaker that is presenting is all fluff.  They are just teeing you...

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Your SuperShow Investment is the Safest It Could Possibly Be (Seriously!)

Dec 21, 2020

Hello again, my friends.


But, for my SuperShow goers (or potential fence-sitters), I thought it would be best to let you in on a not-so-secret, very important factoid. Something that goes beyond a simple answer in a run-of-the-mill FAQ. Probably the most substantive deciding factor we could possibly muster.


The 2021 SuperShow is guaranteed. By “guaranteed” I mean it’s a safe choice. I mean a really safe choice. Too vague? Let me elaborate:


Trying to budget? Schools can use it as a tax write-off (get a ticket now, and you probably make it in time for 2020 taxes).


You can’t make it? Money Back.*


Didn’t like it (yeah right…)? Money Back.


State regulations don’t let us group up because Super-Covid happens? The show instantly converts into a virtual show, and your ticket is transferred to the next live show—we can talk virtual show tickets later. Or you can just do Money Back.



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Get Involved! Reaching out to Your Local Community is Your KEY TO SUCCESS

Dec 17, 2020

by Kevin Nevels

When my wife and I opened our first martial arts academy more than 10 years ago, we didn’t know much about running a business. To be honest, we hardly knew anything about running a business. However, we were sure about a couple of things: We knew how to teach good martial arts, and we knew that we needed to get out into our community and let people know what we were doing.

These two ideas turned out to be the beginnings of a blueprint for success.

In the years that followed, I’ve observed that most school owners know they should go out and tell people about their schools, but they don’t know how or where to get started. Some school owners say they don’t see the value in getting involved in their community because it doesn’t lead directly to the acquisition of new students. If you’ve read MASuccess for any length of time, you’ve seen the recommendations that MAIA consultants have shared to help you organize events that will...

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Set Goals Now for a Happy New Year: Avoid the Pitfalls that can Derail Your Success!

Dec 17, 2020

By Mike Metzger 

If you want to maximize the odds that you’ll be successful — in anything — you need to set goals. No matter what you do in life, you should have a clear destination in mind, and when you think about it, a goal is a destination.

The martial arts business is like all other businesses in that success revolves around three universal goals for financial growth:

• More customers

• More transactions per customer

• More money per transaction

Too often, school owners set goals based solely on student count. That happens because they don’t understand the second and third points.

Another thing you must keep in mind is that five profit centers pertain to school growth. They are:

• New students

• Special events

• Upgrades

• Retail

• Retention


Anything you do to make your school more successful should fit into one of these five categories. When setting goals for the year, try to address all five of them....

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5 Ways to Make Your Martial Arts School More Profitable!

Dec 17, 2020

by Kurt Klingenmeyer,
MAIA Elite Consultant

Teaching martial arts is an honor. We instill confidence, focus and self-discipline in kids of all ages. Furthermore, we help adults learn how to protect themselves and, in the process, foster a sense of empowerment that will aid them in all areas of life.

But as fulfilling as making a positive impact is, a martial arts school is still a business. You need to guarantee your revenue stream, and, ideally grow it. Perhaps the most efficient way to do that is to focus on the hours of the day when you’re not teaching your regular classes.

Is there any reason not to use your school to make money during that time? No! In fact, it can be a win-win for everyone. Listed below are five ways you can cultivate additional revenue streams for your school using this methodology.


Americans today are more interested than ever in losing weight and getting in shape — which explains why the fitness industry is growing so rapidly....

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Cynthia Rothrock Named 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Nov 17, 2020

A lifetime of achievement...and then some.

In my previous post, I had mentioned (too briefly) that the 2020 recognition for Lifetime Achievement, my favorite event of SuperShow, was going to Cynthia Rothrock. Those in the know probably thought at first, “Again? Surely she already has one?” I mean she does win a lot, so I don’t blame you. She’s been responsible for a shocking amount of firsts in martial arts. We are honored to provide her her first L.T.A.—though at her astonishing pace, I wonder how one measures a “lifetime” for achievement.

Cynthia Rothrock has had a long and meaningful career, the envy of most. Theatrically she has acted alongside prestigious company: Brigitte Nielson, Vivica A. Fox, and Michelle Yeoh among them. She has appeared in commercials and television shows since the 80s promoting the accomplishments of master athletes and spent her competitive career as a continual Grand Champion in weapons and forms for years (5...

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Leaving 2020 & Looking Ahead to an Anniversary Year

Nov 04, 2020

It hasn’t been the easiest year.

But you don’t need me to tell you that. Everyone’s had a tough time. It’s been no 1347 or 1919, but still… no walk in the park. Literally. No walks in the park. Hey, social distancing has its benefits, sure. But it can atrophy the body and wither the spirit. A Zoom call works in a pinch, but when I crack a joke, I want to hear the laughs. The real laughs. Digitally transferred laughter just doesn’t have that same ring to it, you know? And high-fives go a long way. Just sayin’.  And I won’t presume to think how it's been on your side of all this uncertainty. I don’t have students to miss, let alone retention to worry about in all of this. And when a student finally hits that goal, crushes that challenge, I bet a high-five goes just as far for them as it does for me.

We’ve all had to find 2020 solutions to these 2020 problems. But that’s how tough times work. You get through them....

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